The Minimal Must-Knows ones

Y42 SQL Shortcuts

Minimal Must-Knows

International KeyboardDescriptionMacWindows
See all shortcutsFind all shortcuts - you can also execute them directly(fn + ) F1(fn + ) F1
UndoGoes one step backCMD + ZCTRL + Z
RedoGoes one step furtherCMD + YCTRL + Y
Multi-Line CommentingComments the line or selected textCMD + /CTRL + /
Toggle Block CommentInserts block comments /*  */
If you select text it puts the selected text inside block comments
Option + Shift + AALT + Shift + A
SearchOpens the option to find and search for a matching text in the editorCMD + FCTRL + F
Run QueryRun either all the code or just the selected partCMD + EnterCTRL + Enter
Format QuerySelect and format a query nicelyCMD + Shift + FCTRL + Shift + F
Multi-CursorVery useful to write multiple lines at the same timeOption + Shift + MouseALT + Shift + Mouse