Google Ads


This integration allows you to import data from Google Ads.

For a complete overview of all available resources provided by the Google Ads API, refer to Google Ads API.

Supported Features

Sync Overview

Real-time data

Real-time data is supported, unless there is a quota issue for the API.

Edge cases or known limitations

  • All limitations that applied on Google Ads API is also applied to our integration. For the detailed overview of the limitations, you can visit Google Ads API documentation.


  • 'resource_name' attribute is the key property for all streams. Also, some tables which has same names are likely to join with each other. For example; there are three tables such as campaign, campaign_label and label which can be connected by the 'label' or the 'campaign_name' attributes.

  • In some tables, Google Ads is not allowed selecting month and month of year or day and day of week together. In such tables, please select only one of them in order to get a successful import.


This connector was developed following the standards of Singer SDK with Google Ads API.
For more details, see the Google Ads API and Singer


  • Google Ads integration is using OAuth2 as authentication method.


After the customer selects the desired table and columns, the integration creates a query which also called as GAQL (Google Ads Query Language).
With the help of this query and the credentials that provided on setup; the connector searches through Google Ads stream data of yours and pulls the data into the system.
Of course, this data can be less than the default page size; then it means we are handling the issue with just one page. If it is more, the integration paginates for other records (by the page size) until reaches the last record.

If the customer selects multiple accounts on integration setup, then the same operation applies for each account and as a result, you can see all the data for selected accounts inside the integration's "Data" link.

Rate limits & Pagination

  • Rate limiting applies on:
    • Queries per second (QPS) per client customer id (CID)
    • Queries per second (QPS) per developer token

So, it depends both on developer token and CID. Also, QPS limit is calculating via Token Bucket algorithm, so the exact limit will vary depending on the overall server load at any given time. For the details of the API rate limit and proposed ways to reduce rate limit issues, you can see the Google Ads documentation.

  • Default (and maximum) page size is 10.000 for the Google Ads API, however this limit can be changed with page_size attribute. On each request, if the result exceeded the page size, 'next_page_token' attribute is placed on the response. If this token is using on the next request, Google Ads API returns the next 10.000 records.
    Same thing applies until reaching the last record of the stream. Thus, we can pull all the data from the API using pagination.


This source is based on the {API_NAME}, and is currently in the version {API_Version}.

Supported Streams

NameDescriptionStream EndpointAPI & API Version
AccessibleBiddingStrategyRepresents a view of BiddingStrategies owned by and shared with the customer.Full Tablev10
AccountBudgetAn account-level budget.Full Tablev10
AccountBudgetProposalAn account-level budget proposal.Full Tablev10
AccountLinkSharing connection between GoogleAds account and some other account.Full Tablev10
AdGroupFull Tablev10
AdGroupAdFull Tablev10
AdGroupAdAssetCombinationViewFull Tablev10
AdGroupAdAssetViewA link between an AdGroupAd and an Asset.Full Tablev10
AdGroupAdLabelFull Tablev10
AdGroupAssetFull Tablev10
AdGroupAudienceViewFull Tablev10
AdGroupBidModifierFull Tablev10
AdGroupCriterionFull Tablev10
AdGroupCriterionCustomizerFull Tablev10
AdGroupCriterionLabelFull Tablev10
AdGroupCriterionSimulationFull Tablev10
AdGroupCustomizerAdGroupExtensionSettingFull Tablev10
AdGroupFeedFull Tablev10
AdGroupLabelFull Tablev10
AdGroupSimulationFull Tablev10
AdParameterFull Tablev10
AdScheduleViewFull Tablev10
AgeRangeViewFull Tablev10
AssetFull Tablev10
AssetFieldTypeViewFull Tablev10
AssetGroupFull Tablev10
AssetGroupAssetFull Tablev10
AssetGroupListingGroupFilterFull Tablev10
AssetGroupProductGroupViewFull Tablev10
AssetGroupSignalFull Tablev10
AssetPolicySummaryFull Tablev10
AssetSetFull Tablev10
AssetSetAssetFull Tablev10
AudienceFull Tablev10
BatchJobFull Tablev10
BiddingDataExclusionFull Tablev10
BiddingSeasonalityAdjustmentFull Tablev10
BiddingStrategyFull Tablev10
BiddingStrategySimulationFull Tablev10
BillingSetupFull Tablev10
CallReportingSettingFull Tablev10
CallViewFull Tablev10
CampaignFull Tablev10
CampaignAssetFull Tablev10
CampaignAssetSetFull Tablev10
CampaignAudienceViewFull Tablev10
CampaignBidModifierFull Tablev10
CampaignBudgetFull Tablev10
CampaignConversionGoalFull Tablev10
CampaignCriterionFull Tablev10
CampaignCriterionSimulationFull Tablev10
CampaignCustomizerFull Tablev10
CampaignDraftFull Tablev10
CampaignExperimentFull Tablev10
CampaignExtensionSettingFull Tablev10
CampaignFeedFull Tablev10
CampaignGroupFull Tablev10
CampaignLabelFull Tablev10
CampaignSharedSetFull Tablev10
CampaignSimulationFull Tablev10
CarrierConstantFull Tablev10
ChangeEventFull Tablev10
ChangeStatusFull Tablev10
ClickViewFull Tablev10
CombinedAudienceFull Tablev10
ConversionActionFull Tablev10
ConversionCustomVariableFull Tablev10
ConversionGoalCampaignConfigFull Tablev10
ConversionTrackingSettingFull Tablev10
ConversionValueRuleFull Tablev10
ConversionValueRuleSetFull Tablev10
CurrencyConstantFull Tablev10
CustomAudienceFull Tablev10
CustomAudienceMemberFull Tablev10
CustomConversionGoalFull Tablev10
CustomInterestFull Tablev10
CustomInterestMemberFull Tablev10
CustomerFull Tablev10
CustomerAssetFull Tablev10
CustomerClientFull Tablev10
CustomerClientLinkFull Tablev10
CustomerConversionGoalFull Tablev10
CustomerCustomizerFull Tablev10
CustomerExtensionSettingFull Tablev10
CustomerFeedFull Tablev10
CustomerLabelFull Tablev10
CustomerManagerLinkFull Tablev10
CustomerNegativeCriterionFull Tablev10
CustomerUserAccessFull Tablev10
CustomerUserAccessInvitationFull Tablev10
CustomizerAttributeFull Tablev10
DataPartnerLinkIdentifierFull Tablev10
DetailPlacementViewFull Tablev10
DetailedDemographicFull Tablev10
DisplayKeywordViewFull Tablev10
DistanceViewFull Tablev10
DomainCategoryFull Tablev10
DynamicSearchAdsSearchTermViewFull Tablev10
ExpandedLandingPageViewFull Tablev10
ExperimentFull Tablev10
ExperimentArmFull Tablev10
ExtensionFeedItemFull Tablev10
FeedFull Tablev10
FeedItemFull Tablev10
FeedItemPlaceholderPolicyInfoFull Tablev10
FeedItemSetFull Tablev10
FeedItemSetLinkFull Tablev10
FeedItemTargetFull Tablev10
FeedItemValidationErrorFull Tablev10
FeedMappingFull Tablev10
FeedPlaceholderViewFull Tablev10
GenderViewFull Tablev10
GeoTargetConstantFull Tablev10
GeographicViewFull Tablev10
GroupPlacementViewFull Tablev10
HotelGroupViewFull Tablev10
HotelPerformanceViewFull Tablev10
HotelReconciliationFull Tablev10
IncomeRangeViewFull Tablev10
InvoiceFull Tablev10
KeywordPlanFull Tablev10
KeywordPlanAdGroupFull Tablev10
KeywordPlanAdGroupKeywordFull Tablev10
KeywordPlanCampaignFull Tablev10
KeywordPlanCampaignKeywordFull Tablev10
KeywordPlanForecastPeriodFull Tablev10
KeywordPlanGeoTargetFull Tablev10
KeywordThemeConstantFull Tablev10
KeywordViewFull Tablev10
LabelFull Tablev10
LandingPageViewFull Tablev10
LanguageConstantFull Tablev10
LeadFormSubmissionDataFull Tablev10
LeadFormSubmissionFieldFull Tablev10
LifeEventFull Tablev10
LocationViewFull Tablev10
ManagedPlacementViewFull Tablev10
MediaFileFull Tablev10
MobileAppCategoryConstantFull Tablev10
MobileDeviceConstantFull Tablev10
OfflineUserDataJobFull Tablev10
OperatingSystemVersionConstantFull Tablev10
PaidOrganicSearchTermViewFull Tablev10
ParentalStatusViewFull Tablev10
ProductBiddingCategoryConstantFull Tablev10
ProductGroupViewFull Tablev10
RecommendationFull Tablev10
RemarketingActionFull Tablev10
SearchTermViewFull Tablev10
SharedCriterionFull Tablev10
SharedSetFull Tablev10
ShoppingPerformanceViewFull Tablev10
SmartCampaignSearchTermViewFull Tablev10
SmartCampaignSettingFull Tablev10
ThirdPartyAppAnalyticsLinkFull Tablev10
TopicConstantFull Tablev10
TopicViewFull Tablev10
UserInterestFull Tablev10
UserListFull Tablev10
UserLocationViewFull Tablev10
VideoFull Tablev10
WebpageViewFull Tablev10