Quick explainer of the chat functionalities in the Y42 platform

Y42 has built-in chat capabilities that make collaborating around data easier.


The value of in-product communication is proportional to how well it integrates into your workflows and how clearly it points to the object of the discussion. This is why Y42 offers two kinds of comments:

Asset Comments

The discussion happens in the sidebar of the specific data asset.

Canvas Comments

The discussion happens within the canvas of the asset, allowing a more granular level of communication. Available in the visualizations, orchestrations, UI Model, and lineage product areas.

Please note that your collaborators won't be able to see canvas comments until you commit the canvas pin. Once you commit it, you'll be able to enjoy real-time communication similar as seen in asset-specific comments.


Despite the difference in use cases, both kinds of chat sport similar functionalities. The most relevant functionalities are:

  • Mentions: By using the '@' specifier in the chat input field, one can mention both individuals and user groups. After a user is mentioned, this person will get notified on every new comment in the conversation. A similar logic follows for user groups, notifying any user that is part of the group
  • Resolve: At Y42, we nudge users towards efficient communication patterns. Discussions around a specific asset often revolve around a specific topic. Before moving on to the next topic, we suggest users give it closure by resolving the thread. This action effectively deletes all previous messages about an asset, allowing you to start the conversation on a blank slate.