How to Import data from a Data Source

Data sources are the basis for your data transformations and analyses. Importing new data into your Y42 org is easily done in a few steps with our pre-built connectors. That way, everyone in your company can integrate data and contribute to building a single source of truth for all your data.

Watch the following video for a more comprehensive overview of Integration:

Adding a New Integration

  1. Click on Integrate in the left main navigation bar
  2. Click on Add… and choose the type of data you would like to add to your data sources. You can also search for a specific data source type in the search bar on the top left.

Importing a CSV/Excel File

When adding a new data source as described above, choose or search for CSV or Excel.

  1. Name your data source, choose a privacy level and click on Submit.
  2. Click on Browse Files or Drag & Drop your file.
  3. The file name will appear on the bottom of the screen. Click Upload.
  4. Your file will appear in the left navigation bar. The Status tells you if your file has uploaded successfully and you will also get a notification once your file is ready.