Shopify FAQs


I can't connect my Shopify store with Y42. What can I do?

In case you are getting this error while setting up your Shopify integration:

Please check these points first:

  • Private app created in Shopify ✅
  • Private app is installed ✅
  • Admin API access token copied (please do not use the API secret key. This is a different key and won't work to connect Shopify with Y42)
  • The shop domain entered in Y42 has following form: "yourshop" (NOT: "")


I have added my Shopify integration but the import does not include all orders. What can I do?

By default, the historical date will be set to one year ago. Please note that the initial import of historical order data can only include 1 year. Therefore, please trigger another incremental import after the initial import to get all order data.

Please also check out the Shopify integration guide for more information here: