How to set up a schedule & use the Run Configs

After you have set up an Orchestration you need to set up a schedule in order to make the process repeatable.

In order to schedule the orchestration you need to go the Overview section.

I. Go to Overview section menu of the Orchestration.

II. Set the Schedule

In the Jobs Overview sections all the jobs appear. Here you have the possibility to trigger the orchestration now or Set the schedule.

  • Trigger now. When you click trigger now it will run the orchestration flow, by creating immediately a job which will have one of the 3 statuses (Success, Failure, Pending).
  • Set Schedule. Schedule is the component that makes the flow recurrent.
  • Run Config. Makes the orchestration job stop running after a period of time.

You can set the schedule to run automatically according to your needs: In Minutes, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly bases.

A job will be created in each run, which will have one of the 3 statuses (Success, Failure, Pending).

Note: If you want to force schedule you can do so by checking the Force Schedule checkbox, but here you need to be careful because the next scheduled run it will overwrite the job in progress in case it has not finished yet. If you leave this checkbox as by default not checked the next run will wait for the actual run to finish.

Note: In order to Set a schedule you need to be in the main branch.

Run Configuration

You can cancel the execution of an orchestration it it exceeds the given time.

*Note: In order to activate the Run config you need to be in the main** branch.