What are SQL Models in Y42?

What is SQL Model?

SQL Model is an advanced way that allows users who know the basics of SQL to apply direct queries to the selected data stack, like they would do in their Database in order to transform and retrieve (and save) the desired output table.

SQL Model uses all the SQL Big query functions and the same syntax.

Why Use SQL Model?

Basically everything a user can do with UI-Model through nodes an advanced user can do with SQL model in a faster way.

The way it works is that when the user created the query and commits the changes a new table/s is created on top of the one the user is working on. Later the user can change it or do whatever he/she wants.

Who Should Use SQL Model?

SQL users and data engineers should be comfortable using the SQL model. For everyone that does not feel comfortable with SQL we suggest using the UI-Model instead.

To start using immediately the SQL Model you should read this article.