Welcome to Y42

What is Y42 and how can it help me level up my data operations?

What is Y42?

Y42 is a data pipeline management platform with a focus on enabling efficient engineering processes, robust governance and smooth collaboration.

With Y42, you can build and manage the entire lifecycle of your data warehouse activities:

  • Integrate data from a myriad of sources with minimal setup (Extract & Load)
  • Transform your data using powerful SQL/dbt capabilities, or using a native low/no-code approach
  • Publish data to downstream tools for analysis, embedded analytics and more (headless BI)

That's not all - Y42 let's you make sure your data is fully understood, secure, of high quality and properly change-managed:

  • Visualize data using beautiful, customizable widgets and dashboards
  • Export data to external destinations in structured ways (reverse ETL)
  • Orchestrate your created data pipelines so that your data and dashboards are always fresh
  • Explore the Lineage of any and all of your data assets interactively to understand internal dependencies and see what's going on in your warehouse at a glance
  • Data Tests let you automatically assess that, when something goes wrong, you notice immediately and no erroneous data ever makes it to production systems
  • Governance: manage access and responsibility in a powerful, fine-grained permission system to ensure your data stays safe
  • Fully version control all of your pipelines using Git in a way that lets data engineers, analysts and even business users collaborate with confidence

Y42 is fully managed and simply connects to a BigQuery or Snowflake data warehouse - owned and controlled by you - to facilitate your data operations in one sleek, unified interface.

What's new?

If you're a long-time Y42 user who has used the previous iteration of the platform, many things will be new to you, but much should look and feel familiar. Here's what you should be aware of, in a nutshell:

  • All of your integrations, models, widgets, dashboards and more are now being saved to and version-controlled in git. This may take some getting used to at first, but don't worry - you won't have to become a developer, and you won't even have to learn git if you prefer to stick to your existing workflow.
  • We introduced a variety of new features for your data pipelines and analytics engineering workflows - among the biggest new additions are data tests, incremental model updates, an improved SQL editing experience, status & business alerts, two-way integration with Airflow and more
  • The visualization product has been totally overhauled to include features like: reusable widgets, drill downs, cross-filtering, color palettes, new widget types, and much more.
  • You'll be able to communicate inside of Y42 using a new figma-style commenting feature on every data asset
  • Our UI has been overhauled in many ways - one of the most notable changes is the new asset sidebar, which is available for all data assets and let's you quickly get an overview of relevant metadata and configuration of an asset without navigating away from your current page. You can even use it to pull up the isolated Lineage for an asset at the click of a button!

Getting started

To learn how to start your first project in Y42, keep reading!