Creating a Space

Here we provide a quick overview of the necessary steps to create a Y42 space.

Spaces are the isolated containers where your Y42 projects happen. Every space is connected to a GitLab repository storing the files defining your solution and to a data warehouse hosting the tables used in that space

Space Creation Flow

To create a space, you must first select an organization. Pick the one where the users you expect to collaborate with are - if any. Once in the organization's view, the steps to create a space go as follows:

  1. Click the 'Add Space' button in the organization view
  2. Select a name for your space. If planning to have more than one space, try to pick a name that is descriptive of the content it will have
  3. Select the data warehouse (DWH) type you'd like to integrate. We currently support BigQuery and Snowflake
  4. Set up the DWH credentials as indicated in the wizard

After these steps, a space and its matching file structure were instantiated. You're ready to build your Y42 solution! πŸ™Œ

Creating a space