Google Ads FAQs

Performance Max campaigns

Why do I not find Performance Max campaigns in my w"ad_group_ad_report" table?

The Google Ads API supports Performance Max report data at campaign level, and not ad group level or ad level. This is working as expected if you’re getting empty data at ad group or ad level reporting. Note that the performance (impressions, cost, clicks, etc.) for Performance Max campaigns is available using campaign resources.

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Why does my conversion data has decimals?

You may notice that the numbers in your Conversions or All conversions columns have 2 decimal places. This is because some attribution models attribute fractional credit for each conversion across multiple clicks. These fractions are represented as decimals like 0.33 or 0.50. Even if you don't use an attribution model that gives fractional credit, you'll still see 2 decimal places in your reports.

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How can I add the country name to the "user_location_view_by_campaign_report" in the Google Ads integration?

The user_location_view_by_campaign_report table inside the Google Ads integration provides you with campaign performance data per country. You will notice that this table does not include any country names but instead provides you with a column called country_criterion_id.

How can you add the country name to the user_location_view_by_campaign_report?

➡️ Google provides this lookup table to match the respective country_criterion_id with the respective country name:
Download the latest CSV and import the file to Y42 by using the CSV integration. Then you just need to use a JOIN to mapp the country name to the country id. The JOIN key you need to use are:

user_location_view_by_campaign_reportgeo targets table
country_criterion_idParent ID