Full import

A full import consists of the replication of all data from your data source into your data warehouse. This import will bring all data from the tables you selected from the starting day until today.

Incremental Import

Incremental imports enables importing only newly added data into the data warehouse, without the need to import all historical data again.

There is some integration in which the incremental import will load only new data from the source. For some of them, is also possible to replicate changes, data that was already imported but changed in the data source.

Y42 names this ability to load changes in the data as Retroactive Updating, and you can check in The Reference documentation the ones we support it

Retroactive Updating

Retroactive updates are the ability to recognize historical updates in data and replicate this information from your data source into your data warehouse. This functionality depends on the underlying data source & API. Please check out the reference documentation of the respective integration to learn more of the supported functionalities.

Start Date Selection

Some APIs allow the definition of the timeframe of historical data to be loaded, and others have it pre-defined. Y42 enables this configuration every time it's available. Some limitation on how far this selection can go also varies from each data source.

Dynamic Column Selection

The ability to specify the columns to import from a specific table. It may depend on the API and on each table to have this option enabled or not.

Custom Data

As part of complete schema replication, replicates custom data whenever it exists and is accessible. Not all sources that have custom data expose it in a way we can access.

Custom data includes custom objects, tables, and fields that you have configured in the source system to better suit your business needs. Custom objects are specific to your source, for example, custom Salesforce objects that match your business process.

There is no special action you need to take to make sure we replicate your custom data. It will happen automatically for the systems that enable it.


Templates are pre-defined selections of schemas of a table. Designed to cover use cases for analytical integration, which allows you to select different combinations of columns to produce different reports in the same table, Templates auto-select it.

For a comprehensive list of the templates we support, refer to the guide.