What are Y42 Orchestrations

Orchestration is a powerful tool that Y42 offers to keep your data fresh as a living organism. What it does is very straight forward, it automates the triggering process by following your logic sequence and your schedule. You just need to set it once and it will proceed infinitely.

Why use them?

Lets suppose you have this flow (1,2,3 in the image below) :

1- Integrations. You get data from anywhere imported in your integrations.

2- Model. The data you get from the Integrations in step 1 are manipulated in your Modeling layer which creates a whole new table with all your tailored reports inside.

3- The data you created in Modeling now are exported into Google Sheets (or Google BigQuery etc)

If you do not use the Orchestration you would have to go to each integration table in step 1 and trigger them manually in order to import the new data, next you would have to go to model, trigger it manually to generate the new table and next to the export and trigger it manually also.

With Orchestration all you need to do is set up the schema like in the image above and set up the time schedule when the orchestration should run and now you have an automated flow of data that never stops and does not need you anymore.

Who should use them?

Orchestration should be used only for integrations and models whose data change during the time.

If your data changes, like for example your integration might be connected to PayPal, and you always make new sales, which means new rows will be added in your integrations, and on top of that you run your analytics using probably a model or visualization layer then you definitely need to run an orchestration in order to keep working with updated data.

If your data set does not change constantly then Orchestration will not provide an added value to your flow.