The most essential ones


International KeyboardDescriptionMacWindows
ReplaceOpens the Find and Replace editorCMD + HCTRL + H
Find NextFinds the next occurrence of the searchEnter
CMD + F3
CMD + F3
Find PreviousFinds the previous occurrence of the searchShift + Enter
Shift + CMD + F3
Shift + Enter
Shift + CMD + F3
Move lineMove a line up and down without copyingOption + ArrowALT + Arrow
Duplicate LineDuplicates the line or selection where the cursor is placedOption + Shift + ArrowALT + Shift + Arrow
Add Cursor DownAdds a new cursor one line belowCMD + Option + Arrow DownCTRL + ALT + Arrow Down
Add Cursor UPAdds a new cursor one line upCMD + Option + Arrow UpCTRL + ALT + Arrow Up
Add the next occurrence in the selectionIf the text it repeated it adds anytime an occurrence in the selectionCMD + DCTRL + D
Find/change all occurrencesHighlights text matching the selected keyword, you can as a next step edit those simultaneouslyCMD + F2 + Mouse Left ClickCTRL + F2 + Mouse Left Click
Delete LineDeletes the current lineCMD + Shift + KCTRL + Shift + K
Indent LineIndents the LineCMD + ]CTRL + ]
Out Indent LineOut indents the LineCMD + [CTRL + [
Go to line columnGoes directly to the line column you specifyCMD + GCTRL + G
Select All the textSelects all the textCMD + ACTRL + A
Trigger suggestAds suggestion popupCMD + SpaceCtrl + Space