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Select All occurrences

Another way of selecting multiple blocks of text with multiple cursors is Select All Occurrences command, which selects all the other occurrences in the current file of the already selected text. In case no text is selected/clicked, the closest word to the current cursor is selected.

This command can be triggered by

  • Ctrl + F2 on Linux or Windows
  • CMD + F2  on Mac.

Additional Shortcuts

International KeyboardDescriptionMacWindows
Add cursor to line endsAdds cursors where to line endsShift + Option + IShift + ALT + I
Cursor UndoUndoes the last cursor movementCMD + UCTRL + U
Expand selectionExpands the text selectionShift+Option+ RightArrowShift+ALT+ RightArrow
Shrink selectionShrinks the text selectionShift+Option+ LeftArrowShift+ALT+ LeftArrow
Go to BracketPositions the cursor where the Bracket isCMD + SHIFT + \CTRL + SHIFT + \
Go to Next Problem in Files (Error Warning Info)F8F8
Go to Previous Problem in Files (Error Warning Info)Shift + Option + F8Shift + ALT + F8
Insert Line AboveInserts Line AboveCTRL+ SHIFT + EnterCMD + SHIFT + Enter
Replace with next ValueCTRL + SHIFT + .CTRL + SHIFT + .
Replace with Previous ValueCTRL + SHIFT + ,CTRL + SHIFT + ,
Toggle Tab Key Moves FocusCTRL + MCMD + M
Trim trailing White-spaceCMD + K
Show all occurrences of find matchCMD + Shift + LCTRL + Shift + L
Show accessibility helpOpens informative popupOption + F1ALT + F1
Show editor context menuShift + F10Shift + F10