API Overview

Y42's API allows you to interact with the Y42 platform programatically, to use and automate nearly all capabilities of the platform. For example, it can be used to:

  • Create, edit or delete Spaces automatically, for example to automate client onboarding and offboarding. It also provides support for automating the authentication of many integrations.
  • Trigger and fetch jobs and orchestration runs, allowing interoperability with various external tools, including e.g. orchestrators like Airflow and Dagster, or business automation tools like Make and Zapier.
  • Proxy git traffic - this enables using the underlying git repository of a given Y42 Space directly via the regular git CLI tool


The API uses API keys for authentication. These keys can be created in the Organization settings inside the Y42 app:

API keys are managed in a similar way to users and teams, meaning they can receive a Role on the levels of the organization, an individual space, space modules or even just specific assets. For more information, see https://docs.y42.com/docs/access-control-in-y42


The public API is still in version 0.0.x, meaning it is still experimental and does not come with guaranteed backward-compatibility, so individual routes and their request/response definition are subject to change, possibly without prior notice.