Mixpanel supports API endpoints that can query and export data and metadata regarding users' interactivity with authenticated clients’ digital products.

For a complete overview, refer to Mixpanel API

Supported Features

Sync Overview

Performance Consideration

Due to quite a low API rate limits (60 reqs per hour), syncing of huge date windows may be quite long. This can happen for example when changing attribution window input, as it moves the start date back to sync since that time as well.

Edge cases or known limitations

For these 3 tables: funnels, annotations, export that do not support dates earlier than one year ago, Start Date is rewritten to sync data within a year timeframe.

ForFunnels stream, data is retrieved for 15 days instead of the default 30, duo Rate Limit from the API.


Avoid syncing multiple tables at the same time by managing your orchestration across the day.


This connector was developed following the standards of Airbyte SDK.
For more details, see the Airbyte Documentation


Auth Method: API KEY


Streams are synced by calling one of the APIs to retrieve data from Start date. Data is paginated but limited by 60 queries per hour.
Funnels table is different from others, as first, it calls the API which lists them all, then a request per each is done to get funnel data by funnel ID.
Annotations, Revenue, and Export use date slices or periods default 30 days long to get data repeatedly until today. Therefore, Funnels has the time window set for 15 days, due limited rate limit from Mixpanel.

Rate limits


This source uses a combination of APIs endpoints to provide its data, as follows:

Supported Streams