Job Overview

When selecting a specific integration, is possible to get more details in the Job Overview tab.

Job Timeline

The timeline is a visual representation of the job history for each table.

The pin marks represent one job, it's status and what triggered it.
When opening a pin mark, the window above opens, detailing a single job.

  • Job ID. Unique reference of your job.
  • Mode. Import mode.
  • Import Status. Show the status of the imports in real-time.
  • Final Status.
  • Started At. Shows when the import was triggered.
  • Finished At. Shows when the import was finished.
  • Sync Time. Shows the time it took to process the import.
  • Triggered By. Shows the author of the import, a user or an orchestration.
  • Logs. Redirects you to the log page of this import.
  • Job Chain. Show more details about the Job chain. To see more, refer to this page:

Table Information

This Box gives the job summary of a table and highlights the information of the last single job.

The same menu offers a selection of actions to manage a table.

  1. Open the Asset Menu;
  2. If a table has special settings, such as the parsing of manual files, you can edit it here;
  3. Manual trigger a full or incremental import;
  4. See the file History;
  5. Open the data lineage for that table;
  6. Create/Edit data tests for that table.