Tab Settings

Each dashboard contains one or many tabs. Each tab consists of a canvas (See Canvas Functionality Reference Documentation), as well as the following tab settings:


Rename the currently selected dashboard tab.


Makes a full copy of the current tab and all elements within it.

The copied tab and the original tab are not linked - any changes to widgets in the new tab will not affect the old tab and vice versa.


Deletes the selected tab and all canvas elements within it. Widgets still remain saved in the widget list.

Add Tab

Create a new empty tab.

View/ Edit Mode

View mode is intended for consuming dashboards and tabs, whereas Edit mode is intended for creating them. As a result, view mode and edit mode have several differences in functionality.

View mode:

  • Can be accessed by:
    • Owners, Managers, Resource Editors and Resource Viewers
  • Can select/ edit/ delete
    • Reactions (emojis)
    • Comments
  • Can interact with:
    • Charts & tables inside widgets
    • Filters (can change filter parameters)
  • Can view:
    • Data Lineage

Edit mode:

  • Can be accessed by:
    • Owners, Managers and Resource Editors
  • Can select/ edit/ delete:
    • Any canvas element
  • Can interact with:
    • Any canvas element
    • Charts & tables inside widgets, apart from widgets which can be zoomed - namely GeoMaps and Treemaps