After you have set up a structure, meaning that we now have an output table from our model, you can view the result of the output table in the Data tab.

Single Table

The table reference helps you to identify only the imported tables on your integration.

Each table will display the following information:

  • Table Name. Specicies the name of each table.
  • Link Status. Shows if your table is linked to the latest valid import or a failed one.
  • Job ID. Show the last and unique job id for that table.
  • Total Rows. The total number of rows this single table has. Note: The number shown is rounded
  • View. Redirect to BigQuery. Once you click the link you will be brought to the BigQuery table.
  • Import Status. Shows the status of the latest import done.

Data Board

Once you click a single table, the data will appear on the right in a tabular form.

The dataset helps you to perfom small data investigation before proceding to other modules. Within the dataset you can filter, order, calculate descriptive Analytics and by selecting one or more cells, you can perform analytics by right-clicking them.

The following options are available:

  • Copy→ Copies the single-cell text you right-clicked into.
  • Autosize all columns→ Expands the columns horizontally so the text inside cells is easily visible.
  • Export in CSV or Excel → Exports the table into CSV or Excel into your local computer. Important Note: This action will only export the preview of your dataset, not all the columns. In order to export all the rows, you would need to scroll down until the preview reaches the total number of rows. By default Y42 previews only the first 100 Rows.
  • Chart Range → It will display the data set in your chosen chart. You need to select the area that will serve as a data source for your chart and then right-click inside the chosen area. You might choose a variety of chart types to preview selected values.
  • Analyze value as JSON→ Outputs the data of the JSON in a formatted form.